Brand Identity + Website

Aiza Galdo Law

Delivering a modern, inclusive experience for BIPOC clients seeking legal advice

Tools Used:

Illustrator, XD, Webflow

I was asked to create a brand identity and website design for a legal professional who was starting her individual practice in estate planning and business law. The goal was to develop a modern, approachable visual identity that would resonate particularly with young BIPOC professionals who may be seeking legal counsel for loved ones of an immigrant background. For the branding, I leaned heavily into geometric typography and warm colors to reflect my client's personal aesthetic and approachable personality. For the website, we went with a single landing page design with anchors to each section for a quick and simple experience.

Style Elements

This client tended to gravitate towards midcentury modern colors and clean but unique typography. The simple design was to

For type, we kept it simple with the Sulphur Point font family, a geometric sans-serif style with rounded details and angular accents.

For color palettes, we stayed with soft blacks and warm off-whites and balanced them with a moss green and warm burnt orange as accents.

salt and light color palettesalt and light color palette

THE Branding

Since the brand strategy was to focus on the personality of the client, we focused on visually accentuating the name with typography and a monogram icon.

After creating iterations exploring various typography pairings, we landed on a set of wordmarks with various layouts balanced with a script monogram icon.

The Website

The look & feel of the website provided some opportunities to add more visual elements to the branding. With the simple layout and minimal content, I focused on creating minimal styling details and producing image assets that would highlight the lifestyle-focused images from the client's headshot photoshoot. I was responsible for:

  • Building a layout that would accommodate minimal written content and imagery
  • Providing a list of content needs to client
  • Building the website with Webflow
  • Deploying site and handing off site ownership to the client

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